Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lil Blue Boo / Dharma Trading Design Challenge

Well, here goes nothing. I am entering the LBB/Dharma Trading Design Challenge. I am somewhat a beginner at sewing, so I may be in way over my head here, but I love Ashley at Lil Blue Blue's Recycled T-shirt Sienna Dress pattern (available in her etsy shop, and have made 5 dresses, so I figure why not? The pattern is so easy and so adorable! You can find Lil Blue Boo's blog here:

My very first attempt is my favorite, I think. When I'm doing laundry, Holland loves to put Hudson's undies on her head. So when I saw this "be weird" shirt at the thrift store, I had to have it for her! Another significant thing about this dress is the brown floral print fabric. It's part of a shirt I wore when I was pregnant with her. Since this was my first attempt, I was nervous about trying any kind of embellishments, so I did a very small star stencil with freezer paper on the sleeves.

My second try was using my mom's old "I've got a black belt in crazy" shirt. Because Holland certainly is crazy, but of course in a good way! My grandmother recently passed away, and I used one of her shirts for the ruffles and collar. I used freezer paper stencils on the back for the gold flowers. I also made a pair of capri leggings using the remainder of the striped shirt.

The title of this dress pretty much sums it up: "Buy Now, Tell Dad Later". So very true. The blue printed fabric in this dress was also one of my grandma's shirts. The shirt that had the words on it wasn't big enough to use for the pattern, so I cut it out and used it as an applique. I made this one in a 3T, so it's too big for my baby to wear yet.

I wanted to try something different for the next one, so I decided to use all solid colors and do a deer stencil with a fabric flower. I was a little scared about how the deer would turn out, but I love it! This one is also a little big for my girl, so she couldn't model it, but I can't wait for her to wear it.

And the last one probably isn't eligible for the contest, because I didn't have time to embellish it. I plan to add some red hearts to the back where it is all white (would've been good for today, Valentine's Day). I thought the Saved by the Bell shirt was too funny. I added bands to the sleeves to change it up a little. Please excuse the crazed look on her face and blurry picture. I sure do love that silly little girl! (And her brother too, but I didn't make him anything for this challenge, so I'll share his silliness in another post).

Sooooo.....wish me luck! I'm sure I'll need it!

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  1. Love that color combo on the first dress. Those things look oh-so-comfy.
    Your little gal reminds me a lot of mine. The squinty eyes and blond hair. So sweet.